Staying Engaged with CMCC

Primary Contact

Primary Contact is a CMCC publication, distributed three times per year (via regular mail) to all chiropractors across Canada. It provides updates on activities at CMCC such as new technologies, upcoming events, continuing education, alumni news and more. It is also available online at

Annual Homecoming celebrations

Reconnect with your classmates at Homecoming for a weekend of social activities and continuing education. We look forward to welcoming you back where you began.

Backs in Motion Run/Walk
The Backswing Golf Tournament

These signature fundraising events usually take place in April and September respectively, and represent a fun opportunity to remain connected with CMCC and to support the College at the same time.

CMCC Commitees

There are a number of board committees which present a good opportunity to remain engaged with CMCC. Please contact

CMCC Hosted Events in Your Province

CMCC hosts events across the country which usually coincide with provincial conventions. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with CMCC and your colleagues.


Alumni Relations
416-482-2340 ext. 146